D&D Session Summary: Mayhem at the Orphanarium

I don’t usually post session summaries, but people on Twitter seemed amused by the commentary, so here you go…. the heavy-rotation anachronism starts after breakfast. Heh, heh, heh. I love DMing this game!

The Guild of Makers of Toys and Animated Curiosities

  • Aleph has offered to ask her Guild to send the message to Daggerford. She’s also eager to see her home, the Guild, again.
  • At the Guild, however, they aren’t directed to Doctor Wondersmith’s lab. Instead, the hallway bells lead them to another senior member of the Board of Makers….

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Playing in Nerdarchy’s Scarlet Sisterhood D&D games on YouTube

I have joined Nerdarchy.com‘s D&D game featuring an all female party, the Scarlet Sisterhood. Thanks for the invite, Nerdarchy; as a ForeverDM(tm), it’s nice to be a player. The group is fun, too.

The Scarlet Sisterhood games stream live on Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel every Wednesday Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern time.

You can watch the Scarlet Sisterhood video archive. I started playing in Episode 13.

Nerdarchy.com also offers daily chats, a forum, and other goodies for tabletop RPG players, so definitely check them out.