When more monsters are done, I will offer digital token packs for use on Roll20 and on other virtual tabletops.

Meanwhile, people have requested t-shirts and more. Therefore, I’ve posted this aboleth design on Redbubble to get started. Shirts, wall art, clocks, stickers… lots of options:

Click to see products with the aboleth design on RedBubble
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More coming soon! Let me know if there’s a particular monster you want.

I’m also planning the following:

  • By custom request, I’ve already done some custom printing such as a Magic play mat. I’ll work out a way to offer such things more consistently next.
  • I plan to offer custom commissions such as character portraits.
  • … and the digital token packs I mentioned above.

Keep an eye on my Blog for news as the above options progress.

Which monster do you want to see offered next? Contact me.