You want some monster or character art? Tokens? T-shirts? I’ve got you covered. If you want something not listed, just let me know.

Digital Monster Tokens

The best way to get my digital tokens is through my Patreon campaign. You can support my art and also get sneak previews, six color variants of everything, and other options.

When more monsters are done, I will also offer digital token packs for use on Roll20 and on other virtual tabletops.

T-Shirts and More

I’ve posted these few designs on Redbubble to get started:

Click to see products with this design on RedBubble Click to see products with this design on RedBubble

More coming soon! Want a particular monster? Let me know and I’ll set it up for sale.

Future Plans

I’m also planning the following:

  • By custom request, I’ve already done some custom printing such as a Magic play mat. I’ll work out a way to offer such things more consistently next.
  • I plan to offer custom commissions such as character portraits.
  • Signed prints.

Keep an eye on my Blog for news as the above options progress.

Which monster do you want to see offered next? Contact me.