Gargoyle Token

My usual Lisa Frank color palette doesn’t look much like stone, I’ll freely admit… but I think the texture works, and the glowy look is fun too. This gargoyle is supposed to be guarding the building, but looks so happy and welcoming. So, he’s either doing a bad job, or really looking forward to doing an especially good job on you.

See the video of me painting this stony fella:
Click for video.

Featured Guest on Nerdarchy, Weds. 5/31/2017

I’ll be the guest on Nerdarchy’s YouTube Live Chat #52 this Wednesday 5/31 at noon Eastern time. Tune in then to watch it live, or if it’s done already, watch the archive using that link.

As previously noted, I’m also Playing in Nerdarchy’s Scarlet Sisterhood D&D games on YouTube. offers daily chats, a forum, and other goodies for tabletop RPG players, so definitely check them out.

Creating card game art for Caleb of The RPG Academy

As you may know, I am a big fan of The RPG Academy podcast and their annual tabletop gaming convention, AcadeCon. I was a VIP at AcadeCon 2016 and as a result, they invited me to go to their Faculty Retreat this spring. I helped Caleb @TheCalebG playtest a game and had a load of fun with everyone there.

Lately I’ve been talking to Caleb about his card game idea using my monster art. I’ve been very excited about it, and now he’s summarized in the podcast so I can share these details!

At the 4:36 minute mark of the Faculty Meeting #111 episode, Caleb and Michael (@TheRPGAcademy) made the announcement as follows:

    Caleb: I will drop an exclusive hint and a teaser. If you come to AcadeCon 2017, you will be able to play a brand new game that is being worked on by myself and friend of the show, Jen.

    Michael: Also a VIP! Big, big supporter and sponsor of our show.

    Caleb: … She and I started throwing ideas around online the other day. This is going to evolve into a card game with some pretty cool art.

    Michael: Ah yes. If you check out Jen’s Twitter, you will probably see some of that art in progress.

    Caleb: So at AcadeCon 2017, you will be able to participate in a fun little card game. It’s not going to be your typical sit down and build a deck kind of thing. It’ll be a quick hit, oh hey let’s play, bam, bam, done. So, maybe more news as that evolves — or maybe we’ll just drop it on you in November. But hey, if you want something cool that the community is actively participating and creating, that’ll happen in November.

Neat, huh? The image above has some color variant rust monsters I showed him when we were talking. Can’t wait to show you more!