Contact and Social Media

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If you’d like to talk about a custom commission or have some question too long for Twitter, email me.

Twitter: @pixelscapes
I do most of my RPG-related chatting here, plus I post art daily. Art retweeters get a daily chance to pick an upcoming monster for me to paint! Twitter has a vibrant RPG community and topics extend well past Dungeons & Dragons.

Twitch: Pixelscapes Streams Painting
On most Saturday and Sunday nights at 8:30 pm Eastern time, I stream painting live here. If you can’t watch live, see the Twitch Archive or the equivalent Archive on YouTube.

DeviantArt: Pixelscapes (Jen Gagne)
I’m crossposting art to DeviantArt. I’ve had some nice feedback here! Just got started, so expect more soon.

Pinterest: Pixelscapes Monsters
I also crosspost my art to Pinterest.

Facebook: Jen Gagne’s Pixelscapes
I crosspost my art from here to there daily.

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