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About Jen Gagne / Pixelscapes

Avid D&D player and digital artist. I'm happy to share my monster art with you! See my About page at for more information.

Doppelganger Token

Ahhh, doppelgangers. Malevolent murdering monsters, or misunderstood misanthropes invariably rejected by the only human family they ever knew? Sometimes both! But this one doesn’t seem to mind, showing off its native form… with the shapeshifter bonus of giant eyes and cute little ears. Huh. Hey, whatever floats your boat, doppy.

Here’s video of me painting the doppelganger:
Click for video.

Drider Token

Supposedly driders are cursed by Lolth, but this drow doesn’t seem to mind. Nope, he’s quite proud of his monster spider centaur-ness! “Hey, how are ya.” Or… maybe he’s a little touched in the head.

I made the tips of his hair red as a reference to a certain male drow NPC in one of the D&D games I DM. Thankfully for him, he hasn’t been changed into a drider. Yet.

Here’s video of me painting this fella:
Click for video.