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Avid D&D player and digital artist. I'm happy to share my monster art with you! See my About page at for more information.

Roll20 Tips: How to hide a GM-only note on the token layer

When I run my D&D games in Roll20’s virtual tabletop, I put my room descriptions, trap info, or secret doors in hidden notes on the token layer — not the GM layer. Only I can see them. That way, I can double click on the note token and read my notes when the players get there, and it’s a nice visual reminder for exact trap locations.

Now, Roll20 does offer a GM layer, which is one place to park monster tokens and you could also put your notes there instead. But when running the game, why switch layers if you don’t have to? This approach gives me the options I want right where I want them: the token layer.

One-Time Setup Instructions

First you set up your master note token using these steps. Thankfully you only have to do this part once. Continue reading

D&D Session Summary: Mayhem at the Orphanarium

I don’t usually post session summaries, but people on Twitter seemed amused by the commentary, so here you go…. the heavy-rotation anachronism starts after breakfast. Heh, heh, heh. I love DMing this game!

The Guild of Makers of Toys and Animated Curiosities

  • Aleph has offered to ask her Guild to send the message to Daggerford. She’s also eager to see her home, the Guild, again.
  • At the Guild, however, they aren’t directed to Doctor Wondersmith’s lab. Instead, the hallway bells lead them to another senior member of the Board of Makers….

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